Holy Spirit

Biblical Romance is a ministry focused on living a life of faith in Christ. That is, we take faith to the extreme (normal) level found in Scripture. Every area of our lives should be an act of faith in God. Just like Jesus (John 5:19, 8:28, & 12:49).

Examples of waiting on the Lord

The bible is full of examples of people waiting on the Lord and he moving mightily in their lives.

How do we hear from the Lord?

We’ve discussed trusting the Lord with every area of our lives and how God’s Holy Spirit leads us so actively every day. Now it’s time to talk about how we should seek God so we can hear from Him.

With Scripture

Nothing God has ever said will contradict His Word - because it is His word. Visions from angels, miracles, the word of the Lord, and everything else must all be aligned with Scripture. The Bible is a sure foundation - but it is not all there is in our walk with the Lord.

Holy Spirit is Needed

God’s Holy Spirit is more important than we realize. Christians acknowledge the dire need we have of instruction from the Bible. However, sometimes we forget the dire need we have of leading and instruction from the Holy Spirit. We cannot pick one over the other; we need them both like we need food and water.

Who is God?

Quite simply put, God is the great “I Am”. Think of anything good and whole - God is that, in the fullest sense. God is not lacking anything, so He is complete in everything that is needed or good.

Trust God

The Bible never says, “Just figure it out”, but we are instructed over and over to “trust God”, “wait on the Lord”, and “seek God”. God is the only completely trustworthy person you will ever know.