Already Married

Articles about being married and growing together in the Lord. God is using both people to conform each into the image of God.

Servant Headship And Submission

Marriage is one of the most attacked institutions God ever created. It was the first covenant that God set up, and it is the picture of Christ and His bride the Church. Marriage is one of the most used language pictures in the Bible.


Marriage in scripture is a very final thing - this is because the one true marriage is the marriage of Christ and the church. There will never be an end of or divorce in this marriage. Unlike our marriages here on earth, it is eternal.

Marriage Is Hard

All marriages are hard in one of two ways, James 4:1 or Galatians 1:4. These are on two completely different ends of the “hard” spectrum. One is hard because of our own pride and selfishness, and one is hard because of sacrifice. One “hard” yields life, and one death.